Course Work

Today was the start of the Fall 2008 semester.  My courses this term include:

  • APLNG 581 — Discourse Analysis
    Covers various theories of and approaches to the analysis of spoken and written discourse, including speech act theory, conversation analysis, pragmatics, contextual analysis, functional/cognitive grammar, grammar and interaction, and critical discourse analysis.
  • PHIL 557 — 20th Century Philosophy
    Covers central problems in works of twentieth-century philosophers such as Russell, Dewey, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Foucault, Levinas and others.
  • STAT 501 — Regression Methods
    Covers analysis of research data through simple and multiple regression and correlation, polynomial models, indicator variables, step-wise, piece-wise, and logistic regression.

Additionally, I am taking MGMT 590 — Colloquium, doing an independent readings course on the philosophy of science which will cover Popper, Kuhn, Latour, Hull, Rorty and others, and working on two different projects as a Research Assistant.