Mountains Beyond Mountains

I read Mountains Beyond Mountains in May while on a belated 10th anniversary trip to Hacienda San Jose in Yucatan, Mexico.  This is an amazing book and one I heartily recommend.

For me the book’s basic thesis is that access to healthcare is a human right, one as vital as food, water and shelter.

“Clean water and health care and school and food and tin roofs and cement floors, all of these things should constitute a set of basics that people must have as birthrights” (p. 91).

Second, it’s not enough to merely believe in something, such as healthcare as a human right.  Beliefs only become real when you have the courage to risk yourself to them, not just personally, but in a policy-changing, institution-building sort of way.  You must risk yourself to change the system.  If you don’t like the rules of the game, have the courage and the resolve to change them.

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