PDF and Kindle

After much trial and error I have finally discovered a way to read PDFs of academic articles and other documents with technical formatting on my Kindle 2.

The solution is PDFRead 1.8.2. To get started, first download the “pdfread-1.8.2-Installer.zip” file available here. Second, after downloading and installing PDFRead, you **must** also install the file “NRhtml2mobi.exe” as described in the 8-Mar-2009 edit to the above post.

Third, in terms of settings, I recommend the same settings proposed here and shown below.

PDFRead 1.8.2 Kindle Settings
Recommended PDFRead 1.8.2 Kindle Settings

Fourth, after using PDFRead to convert a PDF to a PRC file, simply connect your Kindle to your desktop via USB and drag and drop the file to your Kindle’s “documents” folder. Happy reading.

BTW, in case you are wondering, before arriving at this solution I tried and rejected Amazon’s PDF conversion service, MobiPocket Creator (a company owned by Amazon), and Jesse Vincent’s Savory (Version .10, an open source Kindle hack that converts PDFs on the fly). None of these solutions worked for me. By that I mean the formatting of academic journal articles was not maintained seamlessly from PDF to Kindle — at least not to my satisfaction.  In short, as far as I can tell, at this point the only solution better than PDFRead would be if Amazon provided native PDF file support on the Kindle.

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