Gmail Tricks — Find Big Mail

I converted to Gmail full-time several years ago. As of today, I’m still only using 4201 MB of my 7693 MB, meaning my Gmail account is only about 54% full. Still, as I prepare to transition from Penn State to Alberta, it seemed like a good time for a little inbox analysis.

The first application I tried, Find Big Mail, is pretty much a one trick pony. But it appears to execute that one trick pretty flawlessly.

Step 1. Go to Find Big Mail and enter your Google Username.

Step 2. Let Find Big Mail run in the background.

Step 3. In my case, nine minutes later the results were back:

Some 96.5% of my messages were “small,” in this case, meaning less than 1 megabyte. Conversely, 3.5% of my messages were greater than 1mb.

Number of Messages By Size 

Collectively, however, the largest 3.5% of my messages consumed a whopping 74.5% of my Gmail space — more lopsided than even the Pareto Principle would have guessed. Or stated another way, I could keep the smallest 96.5% of my messages and use only 25.5% of the Gmail space currently required for all my messages.

Space By Size 

Pretty slick — and painless.

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