Metatheoretical Perspectives Paper a Top 10 Download Again

This week I received an email from SSRN informing me that my paper with Raghu Garud entitled “Metatheoretical Perspectives on Sustainability Journeys: Evolutionary, Relational and Durational“ was a top ten download for a third time. The paper should be available on the Research Policy Articles in Press website soon.

This time the paper was ranked in 14 different categories:

  1. Development of Innovation eJournal Top Ten
  2. Diffusion of Innovation eJournal Top Ten
  3. Environment for Innovation eJournal Top Ten
  4. IRPN Subject Matter eJournals Top Ten
  5. IRPN: Governance (Sub-Topic) Top Ten
  6. IRPN: Innovation Policy Studies (Topic) Top Ten
  7. IRPN: Innovation Processes (Topic) Top Ten
  8. IRPN: Innovation Strategy (Topic) Top Ten
  9. IRPN: Institutional, Social & Economic Influences on Diffusion (Topic) Top Ten
  10. Innovation Research & Policy Network Top Ten
  11. SRPN: Innovation Process Issues (Topic) Top Ten
  12. SRPN: Research & Development (Topic) Top Ten
  13. SRPN: Stakeholders (Topic) Top Ten
  14. Topic Areas eJournals Top Ten

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