Two More Rhinestreet Completions

This post is a continuation of my research on “legacy” unconventional gas wells in the Marcellus formation and Rhinestreet formation.

In August 2001, Great Lakes Energy Partners LLC (now Range Resources Appalachia) drilled two wells in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, both of which penetrated the Rhinestreet shale — the W. Stein No. 2 well and the S. Preston No. 8 well.

Both of these wells appear to meet the definition of an unconventional well as stipulated by Act 13. But as of April 2, 2012, neither of them were included on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission Act 13 Unconventional Wells Spud Report. In fact, despite the apparent history of unconventional well drilling in Crawford County, not a single well from Crawford County is included on the list of unconventional wells.

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