Values Work Paper a Top 10 Download Again

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that my paper with Linda Treviño and Raghu Garud on “Values Work: A Process Study of the Emergence and Performance of Organizational Values Practices” was accepted for publication in the Academy of Management Journal.

This week I learned that the paper was listed as an SSRN Top Ten download for the second time. This time the paper was ranked as a Top Ten download in 23 different categories:

  1. Change Management & Organizational Behavior eJournal Top Ten
  2. Change Management Strategy eJournal Top Ten
  3. CSR & Management Practice eJournal Top Ten
  4. Cultural Dimensions & Organizational Behavior eJournal Top Ten
  5. Individual Issues & Organizational Behavior eJournal Top Ten
  6. Internal Communications & Organizational Behavior eJournal Top Ten
  7. Leadership & Organizational Behavior eJournal Top Ten
  8. MRN Professional & Practitioner Paper Series Top Ten
  9. ORG: Cultural Change Management (Topic) Top Ten
  10. ORG: Culture & Communications (Topic) Top Ten
  11. ORG: Ethics & Culture (Topic) Top Ten
  12. ORG: Ethics & Power (Topic) Top Ten
  13. ORG: Ethics in Communications (Topic) Top Ten
  14. ORG: External Communities & Organizational Behavior (Topic) Top Ten
  15. ORG: Other Organizational Behavior & Key Stakeholders (Topic) Top Ten
  16. ORG: Strategy & Corporate Culture (Topic) Top Ten
  17. ORG: Values-Based Leadership (Topic) Top Ten
  18. ORG: Values, Attitude, & Perception (Topic) Top Ten
  19. POL: Cultural-Cognitive Change Management Strategies (Topic) Top Ten
  20. POL: Moral & Ethical Practices (Topic) Top Ten
  21. POL: Other Strategy & Microeconomic Policy (Topic) Top Ten
  22. SRPN: Codes of Conduct (Topic) Top Ten
  23. Strategy & Organizational Behavior eJournal Top Ten

The paper was also the subject of a post on Wayne Eastman’s Value Competition blog.

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