1,000 Downloads at SSRN

Today I hit 1,000 downloads at the Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN)!

I uploaded my first paper to SSRN in January 2009, in the middle of my second year as a PhD student. I added my tenth and most recent paper to SSRN in May 2012. Below is a summary of statistics for my papers at SSRN during this roughly 40 month period.

Paper Title Views Downloads
Institutional Change: A Review and Evaluation of Research Designs from 1977-2007           445            149
Phenomenology and Institutional Theory: Should Institution Be Taken for Granted?           477            130
Explaining Institutional Perception: The Role of Ego Development in Institutional Entrepreneurship           689            135
Complexity Arrangements for Sustained Innovation: Lessons from 3M Corporation           670            206
Categorization by Association: Nuclear Technology and Emission Free Electricity           471            132
Procrustean Transformations: Climategate, Scientific Controversies and Hope           212              35
Metatheoretical Perspectives on Sustainability Journeys: Evolutionary, Relational and Durational           277              85
The Global Reporting Initiative: 1997-2009           177              66
Values Work: A Process Study of the Emergence and Performance of Organizational Values Practices           196              53
Fracking Patents: The Emergence of Patents as Information Containment Tools in Shale Drilling             34                9
Totals        3,648          1,000

Overall I was ranked 18,144 out of 187,915 authors by downloads. Among the top 30,000 authors, over the last 12 months, I was ranked 8,831 by total new downloads, 5,643 by new downloads per paper, and 2,874 by number of new papers. Among the top 12,000 authors in the field of business, over the last 12 months, I was ranked 3,154 by total new downloads, 2,301 by new downloads per paper, and 589 by number of new papers.