Paper on Fracking Patents a Top 10 Download

A few weeks ago, I posted my latest working paper – Fracking Patents: The Emergence of Patents as Information Containment Tools in Shale Drilling – on SSRN. Over the past few weeks, the paper has been a top ten download in the following categories.

Co-authored with Dan Cahoy, Associate Professor of Business Law at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business and Zhen Lei, Assistant Professor of Energy and Environmental Economics at Penn State’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, the paper argues that patents can be used to control the creation of new information by limiting the evaluation of an invention by third parties. We argue that such control is more likely in situations where third-party use and assessment may produce information damaging to the patent owner, and show this is potentially the case in the context of natural gas extraction.

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  1. I don’t see an email address so please let me use this as a way of contacting you. I have a blog The Liberty Blog which tracks Pennsylvania legislation and I try to give some depth to the legislation and its impact. I was blogging on Act 13 of 2012 and found your informative blog. Frankly, it is over my head but I get enough to realize the complexity of the issues.

    I found this graph in the article and

    I am looking for similar data for the rest of the state. The Post -Gazette seems to be using data from the State but I cannot find it. May I impose and ask your help if it does not take up too much of your time. I am looking for the money each county is receiving as a result of supposed impact of drilling. Both Wayne County and Philadelphia Counties have moratoriums on drilling.

    I have referenced in a blog to be posted in next few days. My email address is

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