Paper on Act 13 Reporting Published

Our paper — An Analysis of Unconventional Gas Well Reporting under Pennsylvania’s Act 13 of 2012 — was published in the December issue of Environmental Practice. According to SSRN, the paper has been among the most frequently downloaded papers in the following categories:

In the paper we analyze the extent to which the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) complied with its reporting requirements under Act 13. Using publicly available data, we find that the DEP likely omitted between 15,300 and 25,100 unconventional gas wells from its Act 13 report. Left uncorrected, we estimate that Pennsylvania’s state, county, and municipal governments could forfeit fees of $205-$303 million in 2012 and up to $0.75-$1.85 billion cumulatively over the expected life of these wells. We propose the implementation of a relational database and geographic information system as a way for the DEP to fulfill its Act 13 obligations.

The paper’s findings were reported by several newspapers and industry publications, including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Platt’s Gas Business Briefing.

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