The Ashcroft #1

Another example of a spud unconventional gas well omitted from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Act 13 report, this one in the West Falls Formation.

Ashcroft #1

In December 1975, St. Joe Petroleum Corporation spud the Richard J. Ashcroft #1 well in Greene Township, Beaver County, ultimately drilling to a total depth of 7,519 feet in the Queenston Shale (Heyman & Cozart, 1978). The Ashcroft #1 was originally drilled as a test of the Lower Silurian Medina Group (Piotrowski & Harper, 1979), and reportedly completed on December 6, 1975. Although there was a slight show of gas, the well was initially shut-in, pending further production tests (Heyman & Cozart, 1978). The well was later plugged back, and, on February 19, 1976, was reportedly completed in the Devonian Rhinestreet shale (Piotrowski & Harper, 1979). However, after being hydraulically fractured, there was no sustained flow, and as of 1979, the well was again reported as shut-in (Piotrowski & Harper, 1979). The Ashcroft #1 was assigned Permit #BEA-20060 (Heyman & Cozart, 1978), now API #37-007-20060 (Ryder, 2004; Ryder et al., 2012; Trippi & Crangle, 2009). See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Ashcroft #1 Gamma Ray Log 


Source: Trippi & Crangle, 2009


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