2015 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award

I am pleased to announce that I was selected by the University of Alberta as the recipient of the 2015 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award, which recognizes “outstanding and innovative faculty researchers at the University of Alberta whose academic work benefits the learning environment of their department and whose research has potential to be of significance to society at large.” Faculty members in Business, Engineering, and Science who completed a doctoral degree (or equivalent qualification) no more than eight years ago are eligible for the award. The recipient is selected by a committee chaired by the Vice President of Research (or her/his designate). The 2015 award included a $20,000 research grant.

I am the 28th recipient at the University of Alberta receive the award, the fifth recipient at the Alberta School of Business, and the third recipient from the Department of Strategic Management and Organization. Prior winners from my Department include Michael Lounsbury (2006) and Stan Li (2003). A complete list of past award winners is below.

University of Alberta Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award Winners 2000-2015
2015 – Joel Gehman, Strategic Management and Organization
2014 – Julianne Gibbs-Davis, Chemistry
2013 – Michael Serpe, Chemistry
2013 – Hongbo Zeng, Chemical and Materials Engineering
2012 – Kyle Murray, Marketing, Business Economics, and Law
2011 – Eric Rivard, Chemistry
2010 – Karthik Shankar, Electrical and Computer Engineering
2009 – Vincent Gaudet, Electrical and Computer Engineering
2008 – Robert Campbell, Chemistry
2007 – David Mitlin, Chemical and Materials Engineering
2007 – Yunjie Xu, Chemistry
2006 – Michael Lounsbury, Strategic Management and Organization
2005 – Mohamed Gamal El-Din, Civil and Environmental Engineering
2004 – Alidad Amirfazli, Mechanical Engineering
2004 – Subir Bhattacharjee, Mechanical Engineering
2004 – John Klassen, Chemistry
2003 – Dennis Hall, Chemistry
2003 – Biao Huang, Chemical and Materials Engineering
2003 – Stan Li, Strategic Management and Organization
2002 – Greg Goss, Biological Sciences
2002 – Daniel Kwok, Mechanical Engineering
2002 – Al Meldrum, Physics
2001 – Phillip Choi, Chemical and Materials Engineering
2001 – Julia Foght, Biological Sciences
2001 – Rik Tykwinski, Chemistry
2000 – Neil Branda, Chemistry
2000 – Janet Elliott, Chemical and Materials Engineering
2000 – Gerald Häubl, Marketing, Business Economics and Law