Grant Approved by the Sustainability Enhancement Fund

Today I received notice that my Sustainability Enhancement Fund (SEF) grant proposal was fully funded by the University of Alberta Office of Sustainability. Dubbed the “Strategies for Sustainable Business Case Writing Project,” this year-long funding will support the publication of case studies that examine challenges of and solutions for addressing sustainability concerns in managerial and organizational contexts. These case studies will be available for use by business school faculty around the world in teaching the next generation of business leaders. This is my first grant from the SEF.

This project builds on a successful pilot program, during which I developed and refined my approach to working with student teams to research, write, and ultimately publish case studies about how particular businesses and organizations have dealt with key sustainability challenges. To date, I have co-authored seven case studies with a total of 27 current or former Alberta School of Business students. This pilot program was supported in part by small grants totaling $6,177 from the Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sustainability Case Studies Published 2016-2017

Paulitsch, A., Pardais, M., Streeper, B., Ballman, B., Love, T., Gehman, J. & Hedberg, L. Earth’s General Store: Balancing People, Planet and Profit in Organic-Food Retailing. June 28, 2017. Ivey Publishing. Case Study 9B17M099. Teaching Note 8B17M099.

Hingston, A., Pham, C., Phelan, A., Townley, M., Vetters, D., Gehman, J. & Hedberg, L. Fruits of Sherbrooke: Creating a Sustainable Business. June 22, 2017. Ivey Publishing. Case Study 9B17M088. Teaching Note 8B17M088.

Sharma, N., Owens, K., Graff, G., Nabe, T., Randhawa, P. & Gehman, J. Edmonton City Centre Airport: A Sustainability Challenge for a Growing City. June 1, 2017. Ivey Publishing. Case Study 9B17M076. Teaching Note 8B17M076.

Devlin Moses, M., Hedberg, L. & Gehman, J. Heritage Chickens: The Challenge of Genetic Sustainability. April 25, 2017. Ivey Publishing. Case Study 9B17M057. Teaching Note 8B17M057.

Gehman, J., Lester, K., Ng, P., McEwen, J. & Song, Q.W. Seaworld: Are Animal Shows Sustainable after Blackfish? December 20, 2016. Ivey Publishing. Case Study 9B16M227. Teaching Note #B16M227.

Gehman, J., Neufield, N., Smirnow, D., Agrawal, S., Sandberg, D. & Deol, M. Transcend Coffee: Local Sustainability Challenges in a Global Industry. July 20, 2016. Ivey Publishing. Case Study 9B16M130. Teaching Note 8B13M130. Presentation 5B16M130.

Gehman, J. & Goerz, J. After the Oil Sands: Reclaiming Alberta’s Boreal Forests. February 4, 2016. The Case Centre. Case Study 316-0015-1. Teaching Note 316-0015-8.