2017 EFMD Case Writing Award in the Urban Transition Challenges Category

On Wednesday, we were notified that our case study — “Edmonton City Centre Airport: A Sustainability Challenge for a Growing City” — won the 2017 EFMD Case Writing Award in the Urban Transition Challenges category. The case study and companion teaching note were co-authored by five of my former MBA students: Neetu Sharma, Kristel Owens, Graham Graff, Trent Nabe, and Poonam Randhawa and published by Ivey Publishing in 2017. The case study puts students in the shoes of Mark Hall, the City of Edmonton’s Land Director, who in November 2011, was tasked by city council to explore options for maintaining or redeveloping the City’s downtown airport.

This is one of eight case studies I have published with my former students. A related case study — “Northgate Industries Ltd.: Sustainability Challenges Involving Public Policy” — looks at how the City of Edmonton’s eventual airport redevelopment decisions affected an adjacent business. In addition to these published cases, several new case studies are going through the review process, including two that have been accepted, two that are under second review, and four that are in preparation for first submission.

This work would not be possible without support from Leanne Hedberg, a current Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alberta School of Business, and financial support from the University of Alberta Office of Sustainability and the Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Alberta School of Business.