EPCOR eMetering Case Study Published

On August 13, Ivey Publishing released our latest case study — EPCOR Utilities Inc: Modernizing Alberta’s Electricity System. The case was co-authored by Jennifer Keith, Chelsey McLeod, Jolene Proulx, and Leanne Hedberg, all former students. The case centers on EPCOR, an Edmonton-based utility company and its 2014 decision making related to the implementation of eMetering. This is the tenth business school case study I’ve published.

In 2010, EPCOR Utility Inc.’s application to implement new metering technologies was denied by the Alberta Utilities Commission. By 2014, however, several key changes had taken place in regulations and in the cost of smart meters. With another application to the Alberta Utilities Commission due in just four months, the director at EPCOR Utility Inc. was contemplating several options, all of which involved carefully considering the interests of many different stakeholders and the development of a thorough and thoughtful implementation plan.