CULTR is a web-based suite of research tools for transforming digital text, images, and social media into structured data. The ultimate goal of this project is to become the “app store” for web-based social science research tools for studying culture, meaning, and institutions.



  • 2017 Nova Faculty Fellowship, $15,000
  • 2016 University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Batten Fellowship, $12,608
  • 2015 Killam Research Fund, Cornerstone Grant, $41,610
  • 2015 Duke University CASE i3 B Lab RFP #2 (Co-PI with M.G. Grimes), Data Grant
  • 2014 Insight Development Grant (Co-PI with M.G. Grimes), $70,706
  • 2014 Support for the Advancement of Scholarship (Co-PI with M.G. Grimes), $10,000
  • 2014 Office of the Vice President of Research (Co-PI with M.G. Grimes), $9,940
  • 2013 Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, $7,000
  • 2013 Killam Research Fund, Operating Grant (Co-PI with M.G. Grimes), $6,947
  • 2013 Support for the Advancement of Scholarship, $2,300

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