WellWiki provides information on over 2 million wells in 7 American states and 3 Canadian provinces. The ultimate goal for this project is to provide information on each of the estimated 4 million oil and gas wells drilled in North America since the Drake well in 1859.

Research Assistants

Current research assistants include:

  • Keith Mills (University of Alberta, B.Sc., Computer Engineering, expected 2018)

Past research assistants have included:

  • Jacob Charlebois (University of Alberta, B.Sc., Computer Engineering, 2017)
  • Angela Grant (McGill University, M.Sc., Bioresource Engineering, 2014)
  • Diego Mastroianni (McGill University, Ph.D., Information Systems, 2016)
  • Hailey Musselman (University of Alberta, B.Sc., Computer Engineering, 2017)
  • Joshua Nguyen (University of Alberta, B.Sc., Computer Science, 2016)
  • Tianrui Pan (University of Alberta, B.Com., Finance and Operations Management, 2015)
  • Chloe Prosser (University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.Sc., English and Linguistics, 2014)
  • Mason Strong (University of Alberta, B.Sc.,¬†Computer Engineering, 2016)

Funding and Support

A variety of organizations have provided financial and in-kind support for WellWiki, including the Alberta Real Estate Foundation (2017-2018), Future Energy Systems (2017-2019), Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (2015), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (2013-2015; 2015-2020), and Alberta School of Business (2013-present).

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