Academic Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

Contextualizing Entrepreneurial Innovation: A Narrative Perspective. Research Policy. Forthcoming. (With Raghu Garud & Antonio Giuliani).

Boundaries, Breaches and Bridges: The Case of ClimategateResearch Policy. 43: 60-73. (With Raghu Garud & Arvind Karunakaran).

Values Work: A Process Study of the Emergence and Performance of Organizational Values Practices. Academy of Management Journal, 56: 84-112. (With Linda Treviño & Raghu Garud).

Fracking Patents: The Emergence of Patents as Information Containment Tools in Shale Drilling. Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review, 19: 279-330. (With Dan Cahoy & Zhen Lei).

An Analysis of Unconventional Gas Well Reporting under Pennsylvania’s Act 13 of 2012. Environmental Practice, 14: 262-277. (With Diego Mastroianni, Angela Grant & Dror Etzion).

Metatheoretical Perspectives on Sustainability Journeys: Evolutionary, Relational and DurationalResearch Policy, 41: 980-995. (With Raghu Garud).

Complexity Arrangements For Sustained Innovation: Lessons From 3M Corporation. Organization Studies, 32: 737-767. (With Raghu Garud & Arun Kumaraswamy).

Edited Book Chapters

The Transformation of Patents into Information Containment ToolsIn D. Cahoy & L. Oswald (eds), The Changing Face of American Patent Law and Its Impact on Business Strategy. Edward Elgar. 159-182. (With Dan Cahoy & Zhen Lei).

Categorization by Association: Nuclear Technology and Emission-Free Electricity. Research in the Sociology of Work, 21: 51-93. (With Raghu Garud & Peter Karnøe).

Procrustean Transformations: Climategate, Scientific Controversies, and Hope. In M. Akrich, Y. Barthe, F. Muniesa, and P. Mustar (eds), Mélanges Offerts à Michel Callon (Overflows: Essays in Honor of Michel Callon). Presses des Mines. 153-167. (With Raghu Garud).


Sustainability by Dissociation: Categorization, Divestitures and Organizational Boundaries. 2012. Pennsylvania State University.