The Fossil Free Divestment Movement


Today, our article on the fossil fuel divestment movement was published in The Globe and Mail. Founded in 1844, The Globe and Mail is nationally distributed throughout Canada and its most widely read daily newspaper. The article is available below and online: What the Divestment Movement Could Mean for Alberta and Canada. Continue reading

2014 Southam Faculty Fellowship

Today, the Alberta School of Business announced the winners of its annual research awards. The Research Awards Committee — chaired by Michael Lounsbury (Associate Dean of Research) and comprised of David McLean, Jen Argo, Ian Gellatly, David Cooper, and Ulrich Wolfaart (AHS external) — announced six fellowship winners. I was selected to receive the 2014 Southam/Edmonton Journal Faculty Fellowship, which included a $12,000 research grant. This is my second faculty fellowship since joining the Alberta School of Business in 2012.

Faculty Fellowships (awarded for one year):

  • Canadian Utilities: Sarah Moore
  • Nova: Matthew Grimes
  • H.E. Pearson: Adam Esplin
  • G.R.A. Rice: Mengxin Zhao
  • Southam/Edmonton Journal: Joel Gehman
  • Xerox: Kangkang Wang