Awarded EEPRN Grant

Today I learned I was awarded a grant of $9,800 from the Economics and Environmental Policy Research Network (EEPRN), part of the Smart Prosperity Institute at the University of Ottawa. The funding will support development of the Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Open Data Project as described below

Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals Open Data Project — The widespread adoption of hydraulic fracturing has ushered in a “shale revolution,” but also has raised concerns about its potential environmental, health and safety effects. In light of these developments, the goal of this project is to compile and distribute a comprehensive database of hydraulic fracturing chemicals injected at more than 150,000 wells in Canada and the United States from 2011-2018. All wells will be identified using their well identifiers, allowing this database to be easily linked to numerous other datasets which also reference these same identifiers. Data will be gathered from public sources, such as the website, and government agencies, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency, Alberta Energy Regulator, and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission.