PECO Reduces Energy Demand

Act 129, Pennsylvania’s historic energy savings law passed in 2008, requires Pennsylvania’s utilities to reduce both overall demand for electricity by one percent by 2011 and three percent by 2013, and peak demand for electricity by 4.5 percent by 2013.

This week PECO announced that it has already met its electricity savings requirement for 2011. PECO Smart Ideas, the utility’s Act 129 program, has saved its customers over $68 million. The energy savings from reducing demand has the same impact as not driving about 457 million miles or planting nearly 440,000 trees.

From PennFuture’s Session Daze 5-Nov-2010.

Energy Inputs and Outputs

The National Academies have posted a nice visualization of the U.S. energy system, including where the energy comes from, how it is used, and how much is wasted. Bottomline: America consumed about 99 quadrillion BTUs (quads) in 2008. Of that, 42 quads were used by homes, businesses, factories, cars, trains, and planes. The remainder — 57 quads — was spent in generation, refining, transmission, distribution and efficiency losses. In other words, for every 100 BTUs we use, we waste another 135 BTUs. Ouch. Considering that energy is a $6 trillion global sector (and growing), figuring out how to reduce all this shrinkage sounds like a big business opportunity.