I teach at all levels — undergraduate, masters, doctoral. By the end of my first six years at the University of Alberta, I will have designed and taught six different courses, including:

  • 5 sections of SMO 310 Introduction to Management (a required undergraduate course with an average of 75 students per section);
  • 6 sections of SMO 638 Corporate Sustainability (an MBA elective course with typical enrollment of 20 to 35 students);
  • 1 section of SMO 610 Manager as Strategist (a required course I designed for the Alberta School of Business’s new Master of Accounting program);
  • 1 section of SMO 686 MBA West Coast Study Tour (a 10-day trip to San Francisco, California, and Seattle, Washington);
  • 2 sections of SMO 703 Seminar in Strategic Management (a Ph.D. course with 8 to 10 students); and
  • 1 section of SMO 704 Seminar in Socio-Cognitive Perspectives (a Ph.D. independent study course I designed and taught by request).

Overall, my teaching student evaluations have ranged from 4.1 to 4.9 out of 5.0, with a modal rating of 4.8.

I also am a visiting professor at the Bologna Business School, where I teach a 1-week short course on Managing Sustainable Technology and Innovation in its Green MBA program.